There are bookcases filled with books on change management, often with the same pattern: first make a SWOT analysis, then make a strategic plan, then change structure and culture. But existing management literature almost never questions ‘the corporation’ or ‘the firm’ as superior organizational form. I do that explicitly. I do not want to change existing organizations and traditional business at all, as it’s usually doomed to fail or just delaying execution. I help organizations to transform from firm tot network organization

I build new houses (network organizations) based on new fundamentals and then ‘invite’ existing processes to ‘live’ in the new house. As an organizational designer and adviser, I design and build shared transaction networks, based on the concept of Blockchain Organizing.

I advise policymakers, strategists, innovation teams and boardrooms on blockchain technology and Blockchain Organizing. I align the business with organization technology, in order to improve purpose of work, privacy, productivity, powerbalance and processes. I advise organizations how they can transform from traditional firms into hubs of shared and distributed information- and transaction networks or business ecosystems.

My intention is to bridge the gap between fundamentally new organization models, organization technology and practical problems. I experienced the development of internet, as a technology, closely. After twenty years my conclusion is that technology alone doesn’t matter that much. You need a real problem to solve and you need a new more aligned organization model to organize supply and demand with less friction.

It takes time to become aware, to research feasibility, to innovate and develop before you can deploy. Technology is an enabler and important part of this process but first you need a problem to solve, then you need design (thinking) and finally the technology comes in. I have experienced that internet didn’t change the way we do business fundamentally. We use it a lot but that doesn’t mean it changes the way we do business (transactions) fundamentally. We changed medium but forgot to change the organization of supply and demand in a digital age. We digitized analog processes but forgot to transit processes into network organization. Internet didn’t change our default, but also obsolete, coordinating mechanism like the firm, the non-transparent market or inefficient government. With blockchain we have another change to organize our digital society with the individual at the core.

Blockchain Organizing results in improving the purpose of work, productivity, privacy, communication and transaction speed, costs reliability and efficiency. Because the design, development and management of blockchain organizations need specific expertise, more and more blockchain consultants are hired to help. They can help to translate business needs into technology supply but also advise on different technologies, projects, financing forms etc.

I am glad I could help and advise a lot of organizations in their transformation from firm to network organization. Examples are: ADP, AEGON, Allseas, Atos Origin, Avery Denison, Baan, Deltalloyd, De Lage Landen, De Nederlandsche Bank, Gemeente Utrecht, Menzis, Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, de NAM, NXP, Ohra, Oracle, Prorail, Provincie Utrecht, Rijkswaterstaat, Shell, Start People, Tempo-Team, Texas Instruments , Technicum, Unique en USG People.

Examples of my consultant services are:

  • Training and coaching
  • Expert meeting, advise investment funds
  • Research & advice
  • Organization design (awareness, feasibility, open innovation, development)
  • Interim management
  • Project support


Blockchain Innovation conference2

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail” (Abraham Maslow)