Paul Bessems

Let me introduce myself: I help professionals and organizations with their transformation to the durable, digital and decentral future we need. For example, I support them with their digital strategy, data technologies, building ecosystems, future proof curricula, applying the Community Model Canvas and implementing the blockchain-based digital assembly line. I am an international speaker, strategic advisor, trainer, entrepreneur and (co)author of fifteen management books.

In addition to my work as a program lead, trainer & advisor, I am also fellow and chairman of the board of the Weconomics Foundation, CEO of Weconet Technologies BV, theme manager data logistics at Logistics Community Brabant and co-founder of BrainBloC on the TU/e campus in Brainport Eindhoven and founder of The Institute for New Organizational Thinking.

If you are interested in my work, I will be happy to get acquainted and make an offer after an intake interview. For references (most in dutch), click here.

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Paul Bessems in a nutshell:

  • is committed to transform professionals and organizations to be fit for the durable, digital and decentral future we need;
  • invented the blockchain-based digital assembly line and Community Model Canvas;
  • works as an entrepreneur, international speaker, author, trainer, consultant, strategist;
  • combines modern organization science with disruptive data technologies;
  • focuses on data wisdom and the organization of data supply and demand;
  • reduces digital waste and improves productivity;
  • moves between science and practice;
  • offers new organization models, design tools, networks and transition programs;
  • has more than 30 years of experience in transforming professionals and organizations;
  • is an expert in the field of business ecosystems and;
  • works industry agnostic;
  • is (co) author of fifteen management books:

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If you are interested in my writing, consultancy, keynotes, presentations or work for the Weconomics Foundation, Weconomics Solutions, The Institute for New Organization Thinking and other organizations please check out:

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient
what should not be done at all”
(Peter Drucker)