Paul Bessems

Let me introduce myself: I am committed to transform professionals and organizations to be fit for a durable, digital and decentral future. I facilitate them with coaching, their strategies, modern organization science, data technologies, building ecosystems and the implementation of a blockchain based digital assembly line. I am an international speaker, strategic consultant, trainer, entrepreneur, and (co) author of fifteen management books.

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Paul Bessems in a nutshell:

  • ‘inventor’ of the blockchain-based digital assembly line and Community Model Canvas;
  • combines modern organization science with disruptive data technologies;
  • focuses on the organization of data supply and demand at the lowest friction/costs/leadtimes;
  • reduces digital waste and improves productivity;
  • moves between science and practice;
  • offers new organization models, design tools, networks and transformation programs;
  • (co) author of fifteen management books;
  • more than 30 years of experience in transforming professionals & organizations;
  • expert in the field of digital strategies, transformational leadership and works industry agnostic.

Besides my work as a consultant/trainer, I am also founder and chairman of the Weconomics Foundation. Weconomics facilitates the transition to a broader and more sustainable prosperity. Their mission is: ‘Work Less, Achieve More’ and their ambition is to half offices work withing one generation. Weconomics is a network of hundreds op partners working together to realize this mission and ambition. I am also founder and fellow of The Institute for New Organizational Thinking, one of the Weconomics spin-offs and CEO of Weconet Technologies BV (trade name Weconomics Solutions), located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, one of the smartest regions in the world. Weconomics Solutions helps organization to use new organization technologies such as distributed ledger technology and align these with new organization models such as shared information- and transaction networks.

I studied industrial engineering and management science at the Technical University in Eindhoven. In 1992 I introduced the Harvard Case Method in the Netherlands, developed several master programs for universities and developed two PHD’s research proposals. In 1992 I started Buro Staff Support, my first professional community. Since then I helped dozens of professional communities. In recent years, these communities more and more work with the concept of Blockchain Organizing.

I wrote 11 management books and co-authored 4.

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If you are interested in my writing, consultancy, keynotes, presentations or work for the Weconomics Foundation, Weconomics Solutions, The Institute for New Organization Thinking and other organizations please check out:

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient
what should not be done at all”
(Peter Drucker)